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Jonathan Pollard – Letter to President Obama

Jonathan Pollard -Letter to President Obama-Tempa-fl

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500 May 2012

Dear Mr. President:

We, the undersigned over one hundred religious and communal leaders

representative of the broad spectrum of community faiths across Florida –

wish to add our voices in support of clemency for Jonathan Pollard. We are

united in the fundamental belief that “Justice, only justice, shall you pursue”

(Deuteronomy 16:20), which rests at the core of our moral principles and

system of justice.

Mr. Pollard is currently serving his 27th year of a life sentence, having been

indicted on one count of passing classified information to an ally without

intent to harm the United States. We certainly do not condone his crime, nor

do we underestimate the gravity of the offense. But it is patently clear that

the sentence was and remains terribly disproportionate – the average

punishment is a 2–4 year prison term – and (as several federal judges have

noted) constitutes a gross miscarriage of justice.

As you know, prominent figures from across the spectrum have publicly

stated their support for Mr. Pollard’s release. They include Nobel Laureate

Elie Wiesel; Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz;

Senators Charles Schumer, John McCain and Arlen Specter; Harvard Law

Professors Charles Ogletree and Alan Dershowitz; former Attorney General

Michael Mukasey; former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb;

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh of Notre Dame; Benjamin Hooks of the NAACP;

former federal Judge George Leighton; former New York City Mayor Rudy

Giuliani; former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olsen; and Pastor John

Hagee. In addition, thirty-nine members of Congress, led by Congressman

Barney Frank, have recently submitted to you a “Dear Colleague” letter in

support of commuting Mr. Pollard’s sentence. Perhaps most noteworthy,

similar support has come from those who have seen the classified

information of the actual damage caused, including former CIA Director R.

James Woolsey, and former Senator and Chairman of the Senate Intelligence

Committee Dennis DeConcini.

After more than two and a half decades in prison, Mr. Pollard’s health is

declining. He has repeatedly expressed remorse for his actions, and by all

accounts has served as a model inmate.


Commuting his sentence to time served would be a wholly appropriate

exercise of your power of clemency – as well as a matter of basic fairness

and American justice. It would also represent a clear sense of compassion

and reconciliation – a sign of hope much needed in today’s world of tension

and turmoil.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.


Dr. Shaya Isenberg Cantor Patricia Hickman Rabbi Leon Rosenblum

Alachua Brevard Broward

Rabbi Pinny Andrusier Rabbi Bennett Greenspon Rabbi Schneur Oirechman

Broward Broward Leon

Rabbi Bernhard Presler Rabbi Samuel S. Kieffer Mr. Allan E. Ross

Broward Broward Broward

Rabbi Richard J. Shapiro Rabbi Schneur Kaplan Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik

Escambia Broward Palm Beach

Rabbi Edward Davis Rabbi Yosef Weinstock Rabbi Paul Plotkin

Broward Broward Broward

Rabbi Steven Cardonick Rabbi Yaakov Thompson Rabbi Michael Gold

Broward Broward Broward

Rabbi Norman S. Lipson Rabbi Jeremy Barras Rabbi Edward M. Maline

Broward Charlotte Collier

Rabbi Shmuli Novack Rabbi Gary Glickstein Rabbi Mendel Rubashkin

Duval Miami-Dade Hillsborough

Rabbi Uriel Rivkin Rabbi Edwin Farber Rabbi Jack Romberg

Hillsborough Miami-Dade Leon

Rabbi Mendy Bukiet Rabbi Yosef Galimidi Rabbi Jonathan Berkun

Manatee Miami-Dade Miami-Dade


Rabbi Judith Siegal Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei Rabbi Bradd H. Boxman

Miami-Dade Miami-Dade Broward

Rabbi Abraham Korf Rabbi Gabriel Ohayon Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Miami-Dade Palm Beach Palm Beach

Rabbi Alan Liwak Rabbi Moishe Kievman Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky

Miami-Dade Miami-Dade Monroe

Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun Rabbi Eliyahu Rabovsky Rabbi Terry Bookman

Miami-Dade Palm Beach Miami-Dade

Rabbi Judith Kempler Rabbi Shalom D. Lipskar Rabbi Mendy Levy

Miami-Dade Miami-Dade Miami-Dade

Rabbi David Baum Rabbi Efrat Zarren-Zohar Rabbi Aaron D. Rubinger

Palm Beach Miami-Dade Orange

Rabbi Jaime Aklepi Rabbi Eliot Pearlson Pastor William Thompson

Miami-Dade Miami-Dade Palm Beach

Rabbi Robert Silvers Rabbi Chaim Shapiro Rabbi Abraham Rabah Bitton

Palm Beach Palm Beach Miami-Dade

Rabbi Shimon Dudai Mr. Simon Fields Rabbi Geoffrey D. Botnick

Monroe Broward Palm Beach

Rabbi Jack Engel Rabbi Raul Nerenberg Rabbi Sholom Ber Korf

Palm Beach Palm Beach Palm Beach

Rabbi Gregory Kanter Rabbi Zalman Levitin Rabbi David Englander

Palm Beach Palm Beach Palm Beach

Rabbi Moshe Scheiner Rabbi Bertraim Kieffer Rabbi Shalom Meir Holzkenner

Palm Beach Palm Beach Broward

Rabbi Yoel Gancz Rabbi Howard Shapiro Pastor Carlos Valenzuela

Palm Beach Palm Beach Miami-Dade

Rabbi Cyrus Arfa Rabbi Moshe Lazaros Rabbi Geoffrey Huntting

Pinellas Polk Sarasota

Ms. Meril Salzburg Rabbi Kenneth Brander Rabbi Yankie Denburg

Seminole Palm Beach Broward


Rabbi Daniel Levin Rabbi Bruce Warshal Rabbi Haskell M Bernat

Palm Beach Broward Miami-Dade

Rabbi Neal Turk Rabbi Menachem M. Katz Pastor Pedro Oliveria

Miami-Dade Miami-Dade Broward

Rabbi Chay Amar Pastor Ruben Arroyo Rabbi Shloime Halsband

Miami-Dade Palm Beach Miami-Dade

Rabbi Mark Gross Rabbi Meir Moshe Haber Rabbi Gavriel Koskas

Broward Miami-Dade Miami-Dade

Rabbi Barry Silver Rabbi Charles Abramchik Rabbi Richard Chapin

Palm Beach Miami-Dade Palm Beach

Rabbi Leon Fink Rabbi Myron S. Geller Rabbi Steven Newman

Broward Miami-Dade Miami-Dade

Rabbi Herbert Panitch Rabbi Jack Riemer Rabbi Amichai Cohen

Miami-Dade Palm Beach Palm Beach

Pastor Mario Bramnick Pastor John Woodin Rabbi Randall J. Konigsburg

Broward Broward Broward

Pastor Hernan Barera Pastor Valentin Fontanez Pastor Michael Maass

Broward Palm Beach Palm Beach

Rabbi Jory Lang Pastor Favio O’Campo Pastor Blas Ramirez

Miami-Dade Martin Palm Beach

Pastor Lissette Diaz Rabbi Daniel Treiser Pastor Francisco Hernandez

Palm Beach Pinellas Broward

Dr. George Rosado Pastor Pedro J. Ortiz, Jr Rabbi Menachem Mendel Muskal

Palm Beach Palm Beach Palm Beach

Bishop Charles Leigh Pastor Frank G. Pascarella

Hillsborough Broward